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Poole, John Middle School

17014 Tom Fox AVE Poolesville, MD 20837
Field(s) Summary
There is one large field area with 2 BB/SB backstops.
Field Descriptions
Name/Type Description
Field #1  BB/SB Field on left; suitable for youth 18&under BB/SB; grass infield; flat backstop; no home plate or pitching rubber; outfield 300'+, handicap accessible
Field #2  BB/SB Field on right; suitable for youth 18&under BB/SB; hooded backstop; skinned infield; benches w/safety fence; bleachers; home plate; no pitching rubber; approx. 120' from home to outfield grass edge; 65'-75' basepath; outfield L-290', C&R-300'+; handicap accessible
Field #3  FS Large field suitable for FS for all ages; field is 720' length - 218' on BB#1 end and 290' on BB#2 end; NO goals